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Nacogdoches Boudoir Photographer

Is Boudoir For Me?

Boudoir sessions are for woman wishing to capture her personal beauty with unique, intimate and absolutely stunning images.

Boudoir photos make a great gift for the special person in your life for special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, Valentine’s Day and anniversaries. Of course, they can be also be a great just because gift. They can also be a great gift to yourself. For instance, if you have had a major change happen such as a diet or intense workouts that has paid off. There is a vast number of reasons to want to do a boudoir session. It can also be an experience to boost your confidence and show that you are beautiful. You can be sure that you will have a lot of fun during the session and most want to do it again!

Remember you do not have to have the body of a model to take stunning photos. It is my job as the photographer to pose you so that your best features are enhanced. While I do not make major changes to who you are, there will be some retouching done on the photos that we will discuss in a consultation prior to your session so we can discuss what modifications I will make and when as well as if there are any requests that you wish to have done or to be left as is.

Privacy Policy

Because boudoir photos are revealing and intimate, it is understandable about the concern for privacy. We will do everything in our power to ensure your privacy. We use a professional print company for photo and album printing and online galleries are password protected. Your full name will not be associated with the images without your consent. We only share the link to the galleries with you and no images of you will be posted on our website without your written permission. Prior to uploading your images to the web gallery for you to review, we will discuss if you would like to use your name or an alias.

If you choose to have your images to be featured on our website or used on marketing materials, I will obtain your written permission prior to doing so.

Of course if you have more questions or concerns about your privacy, you are more than welcome to contact us.

What To Expect

The beginning of the session can be awkward for everyone. As the session gets going you will relax and start to have fun. Bringing a female friend along is acceptable as long as they do not interfere during the shoot. Family should not attend. We have found that bringing someone can sometimes cause you not be yourself freely and cause the session to not go as well as expected.

We will guide you through the poses during the poses and we will always stay professional. You may also want to practice poses prior to the shoot using a mirror. Do this for body posing as well as facial expressions. Some of the more natural looks come from poses that you do on your on.

During the session, we will be making to changes to lighting setups and camera settings.


**There is a $150 non-refundable retainer for all sessions**

** On location hair and makeup is not included**

** We accept cash and credit cards**

** The client is responsible for booking and expense if the session is held at a hotel, bed & breakfast, etc.**

  • Flirty

  • $299
  • 60 Min. of Photography Time
  • 2 3x3 Accordion Minis
  • 10 Digital Images
  • Sultry

  • $499
  • 90 Min. of Photography Time
  • 5x5 Economy Album
  • 2 3x3 Accordion Minis
  • 20 Digital Images
  • Captivating

  • $899
  • 3 Hours of Photography Time
  • 10x10 Brooklyn Album
  • 2 3x3 Accordion Minsi
  • 10 5x7 Gift Prints
  • All Digital Images
  • Seduction

  • $1299
  • 4 Hours of Photography Time
  • 10x10 New York Album
  • 10 8x10 Gift Images
  • 2 3x3 Accordion Minis
  • All Digital Images